The goal of this test

To determine the amount of sweat loss occurring during your steady state-run and to determine your hydration plan

What you need

  1. Your regular running gear
  2. A digital weighing scale
  3. Your GPS watch
  4. Water to drink
  5. A big bright smile, as always

Steps to follow

  1. Weigh yourself nude right before a run
  2. Warmup, have a few sips of water if needed
  3. Start your GPS watch (or a Strava run activity)
  4. Run at your half marathon or marathon pace for one hour (or check with Coach Kay to determine the pace)
  5. Stop your GPS watch (or Strava activity), have a few sips of water if needed
  6. After you finish running, get home & towel off any sweat
  7. Weigh yourself nude again
  8. Note down the quantity of water you consumed during the run

Record and report the following

  • Your pre-run weight
  • Amount of fluids consumed (in all form, water, electrolytes)
  • Post-run weight
  • The start time of your run
  • The temperature at the start, midway, temperate at the finish (all approx)
  • Humidity levels (use the google weather report to find this)

Please talk to Coach Kay if you have any questions & plan for a discussion after the test is completed