Get your “personalized” running coaching & training package

Realize your running dreams and elevate your performance to the next level!

The personalized and custom coaching & mentoring program is designed with the following elements,

  • your personal interests
  • your attitude as a runner, marathoner or an ultramarathoner
  • your short term and long term running goals (run faster, longer, lose weight, develop new skills)
  • your running/event specific objectives, running conditions
  • training environment, availability of equipment and space, weather, elevation
  • Development of your physical, physiological and psychological
  • Help you in developing running capabilities while factoring the opportunities and limitations
  • health management & optimizing your health and performance nutrition parameters 
  • exercise and running hydration & fuel requirements 
  • and much more…

Package contents

  • The coaching is personally delivered by Coach Kay
  • Health screening & risk assessment related recommendations
  • FMS & biomechanical evaluation by professional sports physiotherapists (available in Bangalore & Chennai based runners) at a discounted price.
  • Set realistic goals for your 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon, or ultramarathon progressions
  • Also contains the elements of RCF – reconstruct your running foundation
  • Marathon / Ultramarathon road or trail course study, understanding its challenges to help you go with proper preparation.  Helping you with the techniques & nuances of running on road/trail etc.,
  • Running gears
  • Application of ACE Integrated Fitness Techniques for building cardiorespiratory and strength training
  • Personalized & scientific training package delivered through Training Peaks, focuses on your physical and mental endurance
  • Injury prevention & recovery techniques
  • Regular reviews progress checks with a constantly adjusted/enhanced training schedule
  • Race day strategy, pacing, fueling & nutrition before during and after
  • Unlimited regular phone, WhatsApp and email support
  • Be part of the regular knowledge-sharing workshops for the Academy members.