RCF is a carefully designed program for beginners to experienced marathon/ultramarathon runners

KaysFIT Academy is proud to have 39 runners graduating from the RCF Level 1 #1st batch

Runners enjoy running. Period. However, about 85% of runners get injured at some point in their running life, and there are various reasons associated with this.  (Learn about UltraTop5 things about running injuries) 

While over-training is one of the primary reasons, lack of strength, mind & muscle connection, & coordination – are among the main contributing factors.

Many runners also deal with range-of-motion related issues that limit their running economy and efficiency.  Interestingly, all these issues can be fixed by improving the foundation upon which their running life was formed. Developing a strong awareness about the need for it is, in my opinion, extremely important.

A scientifically well-designed training program focuses on all the aspects of exercises (both physical and mental) to get you fully prepared to meet your health, fitness, or race goals.

The key purpose of reconstructing the foundation is to help runners to develop awareness on the importance of focusing on all aspects of their body & mind to improve nutrition, stability, balance, strength, coordination and much more…

Just imagine you investing your time in simply immersing in reconstructing your foundation before starting your next running season

Having a super solid strong foundation is going to be exceptionally beneficial for you to scale up and achieve your race day dreams. The RCF routines, I strongly believe, will become an integral part of your training as you progress further.  

Coach Kay

More about Reconstruct the Foundation

When you look at someone capable of running fast or long, it’s likely that they have a great body composition. As runners, it’s a big dream for us to have strong legs, a well-defined athletic body a strong kinetic chain.  

Running involves a complex set of muscles to function, and demands your core muscles including abs, back, obliques, pelvic floor, hamstrings, quads, back muscles, etc. to function in coordination. The only way your body can achieve such a level of readiness is through a thorough and all-around reevaluation of your body condition and training techniques.

By signing up for this program, you will receive personalized feedback on the baseline assessment, improvement steps,  31 days personalized training plan, personal interaction over phone, video conferencing, and coaching directly by Coach Kay.

A personalized training schedule will help you reconstruct your foundation and help you develop awareness through regular interactions.

  • Write to Coach Kay expressing your interest to learn more and receive instructions for completing a discovery call.
  • Complete simple assessments  & submit your findings.  Send the videos recorded to Coach Kay
  • Have a personalized conversation with Coach Kay, discuss the assessments and your foundation development plan 
  • Receive your daily training schedule for 31 days and also discuss about customizing it to your requirement and comfort.
  • Become a #fitsian, join the regular discussions with the other academy members (learn more about the KaysFIT Academy #fitsians here)
The summer offer is valid for all Indian nationals living in India.  Please write to coachkay@kfita.in if you have any questions.

The assessments will focus on evaluating your,

Running form, Balance, Stability, core, lower and upper body strength and, flexibility.   

The test sequence and instructions will sent to you after you complete the registration/payment process  

This program is offered free for the KaysFIT Academy subscription paying members.  Please contact Coach Kay.

      The beauty of the RCF program is that it can be started at any time.  All that you need to do is invest one month of your time and your fullest availability and commitment.

          A small well lit & a quiet space at your home, yoga mat.

          Your mobile phone (to shoot the video) + a camera holder

          Your safety and health are super important for the Academy.  Do not worry, the RCF program is exclusively designed while considering the lockdown restrictions in mind.  All the simple to follow exercises can be done at the comfort of your home.

          To answer simply, NO it is not enough.  However, investing this initial 31 days to reconstruct the foundation has proved to have a large impact on the foundation fitness required for you to scale up on your running related goals and performances in the future.   Every single day you will learn more about the different ways your body works and creating a deeper bond between your mind and the muscle.  

          The program will help you in redoing your priorities and help you focus on the foundation before your dream marathon or ultramarathon goals.

          During the regular conversations with Coach Kay, you will be able to realign your goals and receive help to scale up through a science based approach for the upcoming months.

          When you signup for the RCF program, you also have an option to receive personal training sessions over the web conducted by Coach Kay.