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Members of the management committee and the COVID-19 task force team

Name / MC PortfolioPhoneWhatsApp
Ajey Khanapuri, A-06 – Housekeeping/GardeningCall AjeyWhatsApp Ajey
Gopinath Krishnan, A-16 – PaintingCall GopinathWhatsApp Gopinath
Nima Srinivasan, 2114 – Water & STPCall NimaWhatsApp Nima
Paul Mallier, B-05 – Club & culturalCall PaulWhatsApp Paul
Radhakrishnan Nambiar, A-07 – SecurityCall RadhakrishnanWhatsApp Radhakrishnan
Raghu Padanjit, 3132 – Advisor – COVIDCall RaghuWhatsApp Raghu
Ravi Swaminathan, 2142 – SecretaryCall RaviWhatsApp Ravi
Roy Joseph, 2091 – FinanceCall RoyWhatsApp Roy
Samrat Banerjee, 1122 – PaintingCall SamratWhatsApp Samrat
Sriram Balakrishnan, 1052 – ElectricalCall SriramWhatsApp Sriram
Kannan (Kay) Sundararajan, 2102 – ERT LeadCall KayWhatsApp Kay
Viswanathan Kannan, 2103 – PresidentCall KannanWhatsApp Kannan

Emergency Response Team

ERT Member name Phone WhatsApp
Coach Kay : 2102 – Can provide first-aid & CPR Call Coach Kay  WhatsApp – phone call preferred
Dr. Divya : 3032 Can provide first-aid & CPR Call Dr. Divya WhatsApp Dr. Divya
Ajay Samuel : 2022 Can provide first-aid Call Ajay WhatsApp Ajay
Captain John : 2012 Can provide first-aid Call Captain WhatsApp Captain
Hubert Bernard : 2062 Can provide first-aid Call Hubert WhatsApp Hubert
Ravi Swaminathan : 2142 Call Ravi WhatsApp Ravi
Alban : Facility Manager Call Alban WhatsApp Alban
Radhakrishnan Nambiar : A-7 Call Radhakrishnan WhatsApp Radhakrishnan
Nandish : 1063 Call Nandish WhatsApp Nandish
Srinivas Ghanagam : 1081 Call Srinivas WhatsApp Srinivas
Saras Srikanth : 2021 Call Saras WhatsApp Saras
Gopi : A-16 Call Gopi WhatsApp Gopi
Meera Kannan : 2102 Call Meera WhatsApp Meera
Paul Mallier : B-5 Call Paul WhatsApp Paul
Jeslyn : 2091 Call Jeslyn WhatsApp Jeslyn