Vic Clapham founded Comrades Marathon in 1921 – he felt that if infantrymen, drafted into the armed forces from sedentary jobs, could endure forced marches over great distances, trained athletes could cover the distance between the two cities without great difficulty…more here.

  • Are you ready to attempt a physically and mentally challenging 90 km Ultra Marathon?
  • Are you prepared to be at the start line, shoulder to shoulder with 18000+ other runners, from across many countries, to experience what a truly humbling experience the world’s oldest-and-largest Ultra Marathon can provide?
  • Are you dreaming about finishing the Comrades marathon, also termed as the Ultimate Human Race in South Africa?
Coach Kay at the COMRADES marathon, Lions Park

Also, read more about the Comrades marathon finishers who have undergone the personalized coaching offered by Coach Kay.


BALAJI THULASIRAMAN back to back finisher in the year 2017 & 18

Ajay Verma Down Run finisher



Balaji Thulasiraman (Back to Back)


Elango Shanmugam (read his experience)

Satyashil Pradhan (back to back)

Vasu Rangachary (read his experience)

Read the story of Coach Kay’s preparation for the Comrades 2015 up run after a failed Comardes 2014 down run, and how he had completed both 2015-up and 2016-down races back to back.

Coach Kay offers you an exciting journey to prepare you for the Ultimate Human race combined with a tailor-made training program.

Custom coaching & mentoring package includes

  • Special offer on the package personally delivered by Coach Kay
  • Health screening & risk assessment
  • FMS & biomechanical evaluation by professional sports physiotherapists (available in Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai based runners)
  • Set realistic goals for your Comrades Marathon
  • Understand the Comrades Marathon history, course and its challenges, go with a solid preparation
  • Custom pacing chart

  • Techniques & nuances of running a road/mountain ultra
  • Personalized & scientific training package delivered through Training Peaks, focuses on your physical and mental endurance
  • Injury prevention & recovery techniques
  • Regular reviews progress checks with a constantly adjusted training schedule
  • Race day strategy, fueling & nutrition before during and after
  • Unlimited regular phone, WhatsApp and email support