Welcome to Bison Ultra, an exclusive trail run

First edition intro video

Introducing Bison Ultra, video by Aditya, Meera & Coach Kay

Introducing Bison Ultra, video by Aditya, Meera & Coach Kay

Bison Ultra is a dream trail ultramarathon conceptualized by Coach Kay, founder of KaysFIT Academy & OOTYULTRA. The first edition was successfully conducted on the 9-Feb-2020, Sunday in the most mesmerizing and unexplored terrains in Yercaud.

Yercaud, like Ooty, is home to a large Indian Bison (also the tallest of the wild cattle family) population, otherwise called a Wild Gaur, some of them are as tall as 220 cm.

After OOTYULTRA, with a singular focus to bring in the best experience to the ultra trail loving runners, this is the first time Coach Kay has ventured into organizing an exclusive trail marathon.

The first edition of the Bison Ultra featured 20k and 45k distances and 2021, due to the COVID-19 related restrictions the distance may be restricted only to 25km.  

Bison Ultra is committed to increasing the distances to exotic ultra-challenging levels in its future editions.

Bison Ultra medal is handcrafted!

Elevation, route profile (only for representation)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The event organizing crew is very sensitive to the COVID-19 situation and we are making all possible efforts to make this event a safe and successful event.  We will follow every possible government and health department directives provided. 

As of 8-Dec-2020, the Last Shola property is available for tourists to visit on the 6th & 7-Feb-2021 – we have blocked the property for the runners enthusiastic to visit the plantation venue in Yercaud and the mesmerizing trails this place has to offer.

Watch this section for more updates in the coming weeks.

  • The first edition had only 45 runners. Bison Ultra 2021 will also have limited number of runners.  
  • You will get the best attention from the organizing team and the volunteers and don’t you agree that sometimes small is more beautiful?
  • Get access to large sections of private properties, which are otherwise inaccessible to many, home to some of India’s finest coffee, fruits, and spices.
  • You will be running through some of the most luscious and greenest sections in the world and surrounded by a variety of different shades of nature. You can have a lonely tryst with the bird’s & the animal kingdom and find many quiet moments to meditate and rejuvenate your soul.
  • The running terrain is located in an elevation of 3600-4600 feet and the ultra distance (upto 50k) runners will experience climbing up and down over approx 1000 meters. Every direction you take will ensure you are constantly challenged. Take a break at regular intervals to admire the breathtaking scenery.
  • You and the rest of the Bison Ultra runners will stay in the same property, either in tents next to a mountain cliff facing a huge valley or in a charming cottage surrounded by thousands of trees and plants. This will be a grand opportunity for you to strike a friendship, have a loud laugh and engage in the most favorite runner-boasting-conversations about your marathon achievements and travel experiences or much more than that.
  • We are taking enough effort to make the route a non-repeating one, if not a minimal running route will be repeated.  Bison Ultra 2021 might have repeating routes.
  • The first week of February will have a chilly morning and a bit warm and humid day time making the trail ultra more challenging for the first-timer.
  • and much more…

07-Feb-2021, Sunday.

All participating runners must plan to reach on the 6-Feb-2021, Saturday mid day.

10-Dec-2020, Registration will end on 15-Jan-2021.

Please write to coachkay@kfita.in if you are interested. 

The registration fee will include both the entry to the trail event and a one-night accommodation including one dinner, one lunch, and one breakfast.

Apart from this all the finishers, within the cut-off time set will get a finisher medal.

You will have an option to buy a souvenir T-Shirt, we will communicate about it in December.

Please refer to the registration and accommodation information page for more

All runners participating in the trail ultra must stay either in the Last Shola cottage or the Heavens Ledge tents, both are located within the MSP Coffee estates.

Please refer to the registration and accommodation information page for more

Since Bison Ultra offers limited entries all the runners registering for the event must buy the event entry ticket + accommodation package.

We are extremely sorry to say there are very limited entries available this year.

Will be decided in Jan 2021

No entry qualification is required for the Bison Ultra 2021

You can write an email to coachkay@kfita.in with the subject line “Bison Ultra” or leave a message in the form section below this page.

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Once you book the ticket you will have an option to join the private WhatsApp group to stay connected with all the other runners