Dear Bison Ultra runner,

The third edition of Bison Ultra is 4 days away and I would like to share a few important pieces of information.

Your stay & Connectivity

Srinivasa Resorts Location, Semmanatham, Contact (+918903946777) | ONLY BSNL

Last Shola Cottages (main event venue for Expo, Start, and Finish) – Contact Shankar, Manager (+919486159058) | BSNL, JIO, AIRTEL, if you are lucky, you will get the data mode

Race crew/volunteers will stay at the Plantation Camp.

Your room allocation details are shared with the Resort Managers.

Your travel

There are multiple ways to reach Last Shola

If you are traveling from Bangalore, the best route is via Salem, Yercaud, and Last Shola, check the route here.  

If you are traveling from Chennai, follow the google maps provided direction (via Kuppanur)


Your entry fee contains 3 meals (Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch)

Food will be served only at the Last Shola – Srinivasa Resort and the village Semmanatham where it is located doesn’t have great places to have food.

On Saturday, it is recommended you have your lunch at Yercaud  Sri Saravana Bhavan Elite is a good place (VEGETARIAN food) – esp if you are a 50k runner or 25k runner who opted out for lunch at Last Shola.  

On the race day Breakfast for 25k runners & Lunch for 50k (and 25k runners who opted for the same) will be served only at the Heavens Ledge Camp Site. 

If you are a 50k runner you will have an option to have your breakfast at approx. 25k mark inside the Stanmore Estate (at the aid station)

Expo day, Saturday 4-Jun-2022

Time 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

4.00 pm: Collect your BIB and race kit. You must show a copy of your GOVT. issued Identification Card

5.00 pm: a MUST ATTEND briefing session by Coach Kay at 5.00 pm

Coffee/Tea will be served at 4.30 pm

Buffet dinner will be served at 7.00 pm

Location: Last Shola Cottages, Gazebo area

Race day, Sunday 5-Jun-2022

The start point: Woodlands estate lake 

Assembly time 5.30 am, onwards

Race start. 6.00 am

50k course route map

25k course route map (please note this route is subjected to change after assessing the conditions on Friday, esp. the first 5 km) 

The finish point: The Heavens Ledge Camp Site

First-aid and medicines (NEW)

Please come prepared with any emergency medication that you may require (esp. if you have any pre-existing illness (like asthma, allergy attacks etc.,) that requires some care, however you must ensure are medically fit to run the event). We may get a 108 ambulance assistance on the race day and this is subject to confirmation from the EMRI team. Bison Ultra will be supported by HAM radio volunteers for communication and they will be located at a few strategic locations esp. at all the aid-stations for you to reach out to the Race Director or the support crew.

Aid-Station Locations (NEW)

All aid-station locations are approximate

Bison Ultra 50k

  • Start
  • 5k (also 39k) – Orange Bus Stand
  • 10k (also 34 k) – Vellaikadai Village
  • 14k (also 30k) – Archdale Estate
  • 18k (also 24k) – Stanmore Estate
  • 24k (also 18k) – Stanmore Estate
  • 30k (also 13k) – Archdale Estate
  • 34k (also (10k) – Vellaikadai Village
  • 39k (also 5k) – Orange Bus Stand
  • 45k – Moganadu Estate
  • Finish

Bison Ultra 25k

  • Start
  • 5k (also 23k) – Orange Bus Stand
  • 10k (also 17.5k) – Vellaikadai village
  • 14k – Archdale Estate
  • 18k – Vellaikadai village
  • 23 k (also 5k) – Orange Bus Stand
  • Finish

Aid-Station Supplies (NEW)

Generally, you can have a mini-picnic 🙂

Water & LEAP STROM (5-8% isotonic) ELECTROLYTE will be available in all aid-stations

All key locations in one map

View here

Event FAQ/rules

FAQ’s published here and the registration rules & event rules


Please write to coachkay@kfita.in if you need any further help.