• Take adequate breaks between exercises if you find them too difficult to complete in one go.
  • Make sure you do a 10 minutes warm-up (see UltraTop5 benefits of warming up) before these assessments and remember to stay hydrated before & during the assessment workouts. 
  • STOP doing these exercises if you experience any sharp chest pain or discomfort in any joints.
  • Once you complete the assessments, you will have to submit your inputs in the form available at the bottom of this page.


Perform these exercises only to 80% of your actual potential. The purpose of these assessments is not to test your capacity but to focus on how you do them.

  1. Single leg balance (Instructions here)
    • Standing on your RIGHT leg, measure the time
    • Standing on your LEFT leg, measure the time
  2. Bodyweight squats (Instructions here)
    • Shoot a VIDEO of you doing the squats (2 different angles in the same video)
      • Facing the camera from the front (whole body must be visible)
      • From the right or left side (whole body must be visible)
    • Count the number of squats you can do in one go
  3. Prone / front plank (Instructions here)
    • Measure the max time that you can hold the plank
  4. Side planks with straight legs (Instructions here) 
    • Measure the max time that you can hold on the right side.
    • Measure the max time that you can hold on left side
  5. Crunches  (Instructions here)
    • Count the number of crunches you can do in one go 
  6. Upper body strength, pushups (instructions here)
    • Shoot a VIDEO of you doing pushups (hold the camera in landscape mode) and the screen must have your entire body visible (head to leg).  
    • Count the number of repetitions that you can do in one go. If needed do a few warmup pushups before you begin.