The first edition of Bison Ultra, an exclusive trail run with 45k & 25k distance categories, conducted on 9-Feb-2020, Sunday was a grand success.

This was my first ever trail event as an organizer/race director, and I should say the experiences that I had gained can’t be told or written down in words.

I deliberately kept the format to have minimal runners to provide the maximum experience. The trails inside the coffee plantations were mesmerizing and filled with greenery, shaded trees, birds, small animals, and, of course, the random sightings of the gentle giant wild guars. The stay at the Last Shola Cottages and the Heavens Ledge Camping Tents were excellent, and the food offered was merely remarkable.

With just 38 runners, the event offered another excellent opportunity to bond with each one of them and to have shared camaraderie.

After OOTYULTRA, this was the second event that provided me with an excellent opportunity to test my creative side too. Like any complex project, during the last 6 months, right from designing the format of the race, the safety and the comfort of the runners, the Bison Ultra logo, the exclusive made to order Bison Ultra #ultramalaivasi T-Shirt, the website, the collaterals for the marketing campaign, and of course, multiple visits to the trails and designing the course, Bison Ultra too had many hurdles to cross.

Some of my well wishers asked me my wisdom about spending 6 months effort to organized an event for <40 runners. Well, money alone doesn’t bring happiness, you see :). I can’t quantify the wealth that I generated through this tiny and an exclusive trail running event through new friends and partners. The finest aspects of this will remain a secret deep inside my heart.

I’m thrilled and humbled to have delivered another fantastic event with the support of the plantation owners, my able and enthusiastic race crew including Vasu Venkat, Brijesh Gajera, Chetan Shetty, the plantation staff members, and volunteers.

My sincere thanks to,

  • MSP Coffee P Ltd for being the venue partner
  • Giridhar Kamath for making the beautiful Bison Ultra #ultramalaivasi hand embroidered finisher medal
  • 42km store for making the exclusive Bison Ultra #ultramalaivasi T-Shirt
  • Anju Kp & Siva from Flashbulbzz Photography for freezing the #ultramalaivasi moments
  • Fast&Up India for being the Energy Drink Partner
  • Macsha India Sports Timing for time keeping

Of course, the support that I had received from my wife Meera Kannan was immense and she too was immersed with the detailing of the event during the last crucial few days and also being a race crew this time. My two children were lovely to have supported me with the finer aspects of the event planning and these three cheerleaders provide me confidence to take up such creative projects time and again.

The cherry in the success cake was the fact that there were 9 of my KaysFIT Academy #fitsians ran the Bisonultra this year.

2020 is already fabulous… now back to business and @ootyultra is just 53 days to go!!

..and… simply can’t wait to think about planning for the next edition of the Bison Ultra on the 7-Feb-2021, Sunday.

Cheers & happy running!
#coachkay, KaysFITAcademy


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