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My profession, travel, and love for food

My profession involves traveling by car over 2500 km in around 12 to 14 days in a month. Due to this, it has been very challenging for me to follow a regular diet, eat and sleep on time. I would bring my weight down to 74kg during my marathon weeks in the past and after a couple of weeks, it would conveniently transition back to 76 kg to 77 kg. This trend was happening for the past 2 years.

I knew my poor eating habits and improper sleep patterns were the main reasons for this fluctuation in weight which directly affected my running performance and recovery. 

Being a hardcore non-vegetarian lover and I rarely eat vegetarian food. As I regularly travel within Tamilnadu, I knew all the famous non-veg eateries and the delicacies they serve. Funnily enough, just like how I planned my interval/tempo/long runs every week, I scheduled all my three meals well in advance and cherished it.

Nothing gonna change until…

In Jan 2019, I completed the Chennai Marathon in 5:02:24 and my weight was 76 kg.  I was off target by 14 mins the time predicted by my coach Kay. With mixed feelings, I came home and I did not have any mood to think about my next level of progression. I thought to myself that nothing’s gonna change much until I did something to fix my weight, sleep and eating habits. Nothing much happened in Feb 2019. I just followed my recovery and base training schedule.  I did not have any immediate event or race to train for.

Will a 100-day challenge help?

18th March, I went back to 77kg. I smiled at myself and had a mutton biryani @ The Dindugal Thalapakatti restaurant for lunch. Same day around 3:00 pm, I asked myself.  Why can’t I do a 100 days pure veg challenge?  Without any hesitation, I agreed to myself and shared the challenge with my friends and family members.

The Bhavans’ to the rescue

First two weeks of the 100 days pure veg challenge were too difficult both mentally and physically. I had a tough time in skipping my famous non-veg eateries like Konnar Kadai, Burma Kadai, Chandran Mess, Chettinad Mess, Murugappa Mess over famous pure veg eateries like Arya Bhavan, Saravana Bhavan, Lakshmi Bhavan, Meenakshi Bhavan, etc.,

From week 3, I started feeling light and felt some difference within myself during training/recovery/sleep. I signed up for OOTYULTRA 2019 30km to keep me motivated. 

Quick results

Within 3 weeks of eating sensibly combining it with a night of proper sleep, exercise with proper coaching and guidance given by Coach Kay, I shaved off around 19 mins from my last year’s OOTYULTRA 30km timing. That ignited the spark within me to keep the sensible eating challenge for 100 days. 

My weight loss journey

My Feb 2020 weight target 66kg to 68kg

Along with 100 days of pure veg challenge, I took up another challenge “100 days of running” which started from 27th April 2019.

I had an opportunity to rediscover myself as a better runner by making some small behavior changes and I’ll continue to learn from this experience. Now I feel lighter, can run longer and faster too, with very short recovery time.

Are you ready to skip the Kadai’s and hop into the Bhavans for a hundred days of vegetarian challenge?

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Pranesh · October 1, 2019 at 2:36 am

Way to go VP!! Sometimes we feel off things at odd places…..really inspiring story.

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