My name is Vishal, and I’m 27 years old. Here is my exciting story of how I moved from being obese with 108 kgs, dropping to 80 kgs, and completing my half marathon in 2016. Several life events had pushed me back to the shell once again; now, in 2019, something magical happened.

Vishal Jain
2016 before I started training, 108 kg

From being obese to fit!

My running journey started in the year 2016, when I met Coach Kay and began to train under his guidance. My primary objective was to get fitter and deal with my college-days-obesity. During one year, I had completed 5 half marathons and lost weight from 106 to 80. I couldn’t be happier than this. With a new rigour and confidence, I participated in multiple events like the Mongrels Duathlon, Cool Runners and Devils Circuit. But suddenly, I became careless and complacent after achieving my weight target.

2017, Jan, at the Chennai Marathon – half marathon finish

Wise man’s words, misunderstood?

“The highest wisdom is to find pleasure in small things”

John Ruskin

I again started indulging in my favourite foods mindlessly and resorted to a sedentary lifestyle. Was this my definition of finding absolute pleasure in small things? The new responsibilities and demands in my business commitments kept me from healthy lifestyle choices. I knew I was gaining weight all over again and was afraid to even go near the weighing scale. I also started to find many lame and stupid reasons to avoid running.

Coach Kay was persistent and still chasing me. He made a few attempts to keep me motivated and return to running. But I started failing miserably. Whenever I started exercising, I felt like getting cramps, injured, or even thought I had some health issues. I started getting into the black hole of depression and losing hope.

End of 2018, the paunch is back

Fractured hope

I called kay at the beginning of 2019 for a regular review. We agreed that I would signup for the OOTYULTRA 30k to have a schedule targeting an event completion as a goal. I instantly registered. I believed in the newly found hope and was motivated to return to my training regime. Alas! This was a short-lived dream when I had a terrific fall that left me with a clavicle shoulder bone fractured.

The doctor treating me advised me not to run for six months and a three-month bed rest. I was panicking. I thought I was gaining control over my diet and well-being, but in reality, my broken shoulders and my recovery schedule kept me away from any form of exercise.

I counted every day and every second looking into a mirror. Where was the fit Vishal in 2016, and how could I let him become a bulky man again in 2019?

Finding a new purpose with the #triangularunchallenge

I spoke to myself, built some courage, and decided that I would not wait for six months for this injury to heal. I wanted to give this a shot and start over again. I called Kay in late April, and he suggested to signup for the Triangular Challenge in May. I started to focus from May 1 to May 15, I was thrilled that I completed all15 days of running around 225 km, and my weight started to decrease. I was regaining control of my body.

I moved on and registered for the 100 days Challenge, where I decided to do a minimum of 5k per day, days were going, but I didn’t give up; rain or shine just kept going.

Hurray!! My personal best half marathon

Kay suggested to do DRHM 2019 10 k but I insisted to do half marathon he said ok my target a sub 2:15. I completed with a personal best time at 2:09.

I’m going to complete my 100 days challenge shortly. My waistline has reduced, and the fat deposits have started to melt. My skin is loose, and my trouser size has already reduced from 40 to 36. My T-shirt size is from XXL to L, and I’m getting back to shape even better than in 2016. I’m getting to know every muscle in my body where I used to get cramps regularly but still feel happy every day because of realising the benefits of staying healthier. A simple mantra learned from Coach Kay to stay fit is to train regularly and live young and happy.

Thank you, Coach Kay, for believing in me. I promise to stay on top of my health and fitness goals and not fall back into a condition I never want to be in.

Back in shape, July 2019

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Satyashil Pradhan · May 8, 2020 at 7:18 am

Absolutely amazing comeback! Stay your 2016 and get stronger!!

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