Content: Vanniaperumal, KaysFIT Academy member for more than 2 years, Edited by Coach Kay

I’m a happy man to accomplish the Hundred Days of running today. I’m doubly satisfied that I was able to achieve this without compromising my marathon training plans.

Vannia Perumal
Hundred days of running summary
Distance covered 820.2km (Avg of 8km per day)
PlanRun every day, minimum 2k, cover 700 to 750 k
Distance Covered820.2 km (average of 8k / day)
Duration on feet100:30:00 hrs (average 1 hr / day)
My mileage splits
April 27 to 3035k
Jun257.3k (2nd highest monthly mileage)
July305.8k (Highest monthly mileage)
Aug 1 to 4th42.7 k
Two self promised rules which I followed during this challenge:
  • Stick to the training plan given by Coach Kay, 3 key runs per week, 2 easy zones 1 recovery runs, 2 easy 2km walk
  • I competed only with me and not with anyone else. I did not worry about the #HDOR report card
Positives outcomes:
  • I am a more disciplined runner now
  • Improved sleep resting heart rate
  • Better running form. I took advantage of the opportunities to focus on my cadence and body balance during all my runs.
  • I came out of food coma & started eating only what my body needs and not what I want
  • Lost 4 kg of unwanted body weight
  • As I need to be on feet daily, learned all kind of recovery techniques. Happy to say that I have mastered foam rolling & the usage of roll recovery R8 roller
  • This challenge literally took me out of my comfort zone. Long ago, a weekly mileage of 50km to 60km used to be daunting & now my body can handle 70km to 80km per week
  • I believe my immunity has increased. I did not fall sick during the entire 100 days even though I was exposed to outside almost on all days.
  • Much improved aerobic base. I can stay under zone 1 for 1 hr and under zone 2 for the entire HM distance. Early, HR used to shoot up right from the word go
  • There were days I literally jumped out of my car and walked 2km in semiformal dress at odd hours to stick to my daily running/walking commitment.
What’s next?
  • Just 21 days to go for the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon. It is time for me to focus on the final 3 weeks of training and stand at the start line with fresh legs and a clean mind to give my best shot.
Will I take up this challenge next year?
  • Yes Very much! such a habit has brought many positive changes to my physical abilities & lifestyle.

My views on the HDOF – Coach Kay

There are many ill effects of overdoing anything in life. This goes not just with running but also with exercise, or even following a fad diet.

I think 100days as a concept works wonder if someone has to do an easy run-walk to a count of 7000-10k steps every single day, even following simple exercises recommended by the American Heart Association. That’s for the absolute beginners who are struggling with behavior change and driven by better health goals.

For young, fit and healthy ones but has been hit by a sedentary lifestyle, there is much more required than just moving some steps every day.

Aren’t we humans designed to run and walk? Every single day?

The problem is with those suddenly jumping into doing something extreme without knowing the outcome. It will be exciting learning if we know how many started and how many injured + the type and nature of injuries.

I fear the original idea behind the #100daysofrunning to bring discipline in the lives of those who are not moving and leading a sedentary lifestyle is kind of lost with the leader board concept.

On the other hand, every challenge brings in a different motivation and every step completed provides a positive assurance in the minds of the doer.

For the absolute beginners inspired to do this, I wish this was 100 days of exercise which also include a balanced diet, good sleep, deaddiction from electronics and some regular recovery days including yoga, meditation, exercises to improve core, balance, and stability embedded in it.

It’s more to bring in a positive behavior change and to have some good habits stick when done repeatedly.

It is quite evident from the experience of Vannia Perumal that he has not only achieved what the HDOR objectives were but also made a habit stick.

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Pranesh · September 24, 2019 at 3:00 am

Great 100 days VP! Great focus and dedication and what a narration man. Hats off.

Coach Kay, insightful message about HDOR need to be spread to all the participants. Thanks.

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