Welcome to KaysFIT Academy

I request you to understand the purpose of this group and follow the simple guidelines published. The intention is to keep the group interactions productive and effective all the time.

Who’s this group for?

  • This group is for all the active & paying Academy members.
  • Academy honorary members.

Who’s this group NOT for?

  • Your subscription has ended
  • No communication and feedback regarding the progress made for more than 2 months. You will be added back after your return back to your routine
  • You do not want to be part of this group.  Your privacy will be respected and please talk to me about your preferences.

What is the purpose of this group?

  • Instant communication broadcast from your Coach to all the members (emails are no longer effective)
  • Discuss fitness and running goals, share your event-specific plans and experiences
  • Support, encourage, motivate and inspire – each one of us has that power to do these
  • Congratulate and motivate others for the fitness & running achievements – or whenever someone does something cool
  • Share any interesting content/audio or video content that you have come across. Do not just share links to any online content but write a short note on ‘WHY’ you are sharing it, what you found informative and what’s your take on the online content
  • Discuss event or workout schedule and timelines
  • connect with other members directly to interact and expand your network
  • Post and question that you may have regarding your fitness & running-related topics. Someone else might have a similar question and the response from others or from your Coach could benefit every single Academy member
  • Discuss your injuries & how you have overcome them
  • Share your personal fitness/running experiences related blogs or write-up which are informative and motivational in nature
  • Some amount of fun jokes related to running/fitness

What is not allowed?

  • Random forwards, advertisements and spams, links and also links without any supporting note
  • Copyright protected content
  • Promoting any form of running/sports events, running or fitness challenges (Share/discuss with Coach Kay before posting)
  • Explicit contents, religious postings, jokes (esp. in bad taste and not connected with fitness) & political messages
  • Good morning, good afternoon and good evening messages, quotes, festival, birthday and wedding or anniversary wishes
  • Your Coach will send a welcome message “on behalf of all the Academy members” to the new members. It is assumed that everyone welcomes everyone. Do not post “Welcome to the academy” message (you don’t want to see so many similar messages)
  • Messaging after 9.30 pm and before 5.00 am

Request you to respect these rules in the interest of all the Academy #fitsians.

Message me or talk to if you have any suggestions or questions,

Coach Kay

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Ramapriya Purushothaman · July 18, 2019 at 8:57 am

Hi coach ,
Good to have whatsapp back.

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