A beautiful poem was written by the Narayanan Muthuswamy an avid marathon runner from the KaysFIT Academy, with loads of wishes to all the academy runners, lovingly called the #fitsians (a name again coined by Narayanan) participating in the DRHM Half Marathon event tomorrow.

Here’s wishing every Fitsian another dream experience 
To run, to feel, to learn, and many more in the days ahead!

Cheers – Narayanan

A ten 
Or a score 
The distance 
Does not matter any more!

A place on the stand,
Or a mere medal, 
Our moment in time.
Our own!

Rain or sun,
The elements hold us
Not any more.
The journey is on. 

There is pain, in this
There may be no gain.
Happiness, yes,
Come feel and share. 

Many a runner 
have I known..
Many an event 
Each one as close!

The following runners will be participating in the event and join us in wishing a wonderful experience.

Premila 10k, Jaisingh 21k, Vasu Venkat 21k, Vishal 21k, Pranesh 10k, Satyashil, 21k


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