Come and join us in wishing Elango Shanmugam, Vasu Rangachary & Satyashil Pradhan from KaysFITAcademy on their journey to conquer the Ultimate Human Race, The Comrades Marathon 2019, Up Run covering an approx distance of 88 km from Durban to Pietermaritzburg in South Africa.

Elango and Vasu will be attempting their first ever Comrades Marathon. Satyashil has completed the Down-run last year with a fabulous finish time of 10:45:04 hrs, and he will be attempting his back-back finish. All back-to-back finishers are also given a special medal in recognition of their achievement.

The trio had been training meticulously during the last 6 months and they had completed three ultramarathons to simulate the challenges offered by the Comrades Marathon as part of this training. They ran many training runs within Chennai and also a lot of conditioning workouts to prepare themselves for the Comrades Marathon. They also ran the Yercaud Hills Ultra 50k in February, 52k in Kolli Hills in March, Ootyultra #ultramalaivasi 60k in April, and another 7 hrs simulation run in Yercaud.

Comrades Marathon 2019 participants from KaysFIT Academy

Comrades Marathon is an annual running carnival and considered to be THE LARGEST ULTRAMARATHON in the world with over 25,000 participants across many countries participating this year including hundreds of runners from India.

The race will start on this Sunday at 5.30 am (Durban time) and must be completed before 5.30 pm with a gun-to-gun time of 12.00 hrs.

The Comrades Marathon is popular due to his historical significance and various emotional stories written by thousands of runners who had been going to South Africa for participating in this ultramarathon as an annual pilgrimage. Most of the runners connect with the challenges faced by them during the run (also during the training) to the hardship that they had faced in their life and instantly connecting with them, learning from them and also becoming more and more confident. The runners who experience and also write up them have always expressed about how humbling their overall experience was. It is certainly a life-changing experience.

Comrades Marathon is challenging not just because of its cut off time but also due to the mostly up-hill course from Durban, the 5 popular hills including the Cowies Hill, Fields Hill, Botha’s Hill, Inchanga and Polly Shortts (the first 3 come in the first half and the remaining in the 2nd half) and many tiny hills in between.

About 10-15% of the runners fail to complete the Comrades marathon due to exhaustion, cramps, fatigue, injuries and other endurance running related issues.

The total elevation gain is around 2000 meters and combining with the hot weather conditions during the day the Comrades turns out to be a one Monster Ultramarathon for most of the runners.

Do you know that OOTYULTRA 60k is designed to be a race to provide a great simulation for the Comrades Marathon?

Visit www.ootyultra.com page to learn more about this.

Are you planning to run the Comrades in 2020?
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