The Triangular Run Challenge is an innovative and a fun way of engaging with running by increasing the daily mileage by 1 km every day starting from the first day of every month, and progressing up to the end of the month by running an exact distance equivalent to the day value.

The Triangular Run Challenge is organized by Coach Kay, KaysFIT Academy

The first virtual challenge will begin on the 1-May-2019 with a simple format of running (or walking) the number of km (distance equivalent) to the day of the month value. ex, on 1st of May – 1 km, 2nd of May, 2 km, 10th of May, 10 km and 31st May 31 km etc.

  • You signup by picking your target number (minimum is 10) and the maximum is the maximum number of days in that particular month (ex. May it is 31).
  • You must use a GPS device, a watch or a phone with GPS to record your run/walk as an activity and share your updates through The Triangular Run Challenge Strava group on a daily basis.
  • You will also log and report your progress on a daily basis
  • The total number of km (d) you run or walk will be equivalent to d = n * (n+1)/2, following the mathematical Triangular series formula. The distance value (same as the day value) is the minimum distance to run or walk and counted.
  • You are allowed to run more than that – but only the day value will be counted for calculations. Ex. on the 5-May you can run 7k instead of 5k but only 5k will be counted
  • You are allowed to split the runs into two parts max in a day. Ex. on the 15-May you can do a 5k run in the morning and 10k run in the evening.
  • The winner of this challenge is anyone who is covering the maximum number of days, consecutively. If there is a tie the shortest time to finish will be considered to choose the winner.
  • You are not allowed to finish a particular days run a day before or after. Each day has a target distance and must be completed within the same day only.
  • The top winner, who covers the max distance, in the open category men/women (above 18 years) and veteran (above 45 years) men/women will receive three-months subscription credits to join KaysFIT Academy (only available for annual coaching package)
  • All successful finishers (above n=10) will receive a completion certificate.
  • If you chose n=20 and finish any number less than that you will not be issued the completion certificate. See Tips for choosing your target ‘n’ onthe bottom of this page
  • You can always choose a higher number before your challenge N ends but must meet the challenge requirement to get your finisher certificate. You will be eligible for the winner prize too.
  • At any time during the challenge, you can move your N to a larger number by writing a mail to coachkay@kfita.in. You are not allowed to choose a lower number.

NO CHEATING OF ANY FORM WILL BE ALLOWED. If you found to be cheating you will be immediately removed from the challenge.

*WARNING* Any endurance activity requires a lot of rest and recovery between activities.  The Triangular Run challenge looks easy on the paper but would gradually get tougher with absolutely no recovery between the running days.   

Attempt it only if you are a fit athlete and have no prior history of series heart ailments. 

You are joining this challenge at your own risk and KaysFIT Academy will not be responsible for any injury of any nature.

Follow the road safety rules and exercise at most precaution while running on roads, since road running is extremely dangerous.

Tips for choosing your distance & corresponding ‘n’

  • The minimum distance you will be running is 55k over 10 days from the start
  • The training/running stress keeps accumulating in your body, since you are not taking any breaks, and will demand more recovery hours before the next exercise. This purely depends on your current fitness levels, % composition, history of recovery time and how stressful every day runs become. Generally a well trained athlete recover much faster than a deconditioned runner.
  • Review your average monthly mileage in the past 6 months and the recommendation is to choose a distance which is 20-30% more than that. If you have recently started running then chose a distance which is a max. 20-30% the distance of your longest monthly mileage during the last 6 months.


Babu S · May 1, 2019 at 2:58 am

If I choose 20 days at the end of the 20 th day we completed as per day plan that is enough or we wait for 31 day.

    Coach Kay · May 2, 2019 at 2:11 am

    Hi Babu, join the Slack app, check your mail for instructions – and ask your questions there

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