First 15k

The first 3.5k is going to be relatively flat. Need to have the running and walking strategy right from the beginning. You may be tempted to run as much, just by the sheer joy of seeing many runners who may be much more capable than you. Just hold back.

From around 4k to 10k is a steep uphill till the Doddabetta peak. Some sections are extremely punishing. Hold back again, walk and run; every step is essential.

The section between the 7.5k to 9.5k is nasty… contains rubbles and worn out roads. Watch your step, every step is important, and you must exercise caution.

At the Doddabetta peak, enjoy the view, take some pics, return, a small section of 200 meters climb and then, its all downhill till the ~12k mark, and then almost a downhill, near flat course till the finish line.

Again remember, you will be running/walking down the same “bad roads” – downhill on this section is much more dangerous than walking up-hill. If you are careful, you can touch the finish line without any injuries. Of course, get prepared to experience the exhaustion and fatigue…. see if it is not challenging, it is not fun

Check the fuel stations and kilometre marking published here

15+ to 30k

After you take a loop/cross the timing mat at the 15k, you will continue to go downhill till about 22 km.

From the Tea park, you will run towards Kotagiri, and at the 4th km, at the Perar village, you will take a 90 degree turn into a small rough road towards Thummanatti temple. Run as much as you can, gain some pace, but again exercise caution.

The road from the place where you turned left is very rough, runs through the forest area and Tea estates, for about 1.5 km, and you will cross the next aid station just before the 20k mark. There is a ~300-meter section you will get into the Thummanatty forest and after that its a very steep downhill run. Be very careful, the part is really steep. Again, walk most part and run whenever you can.

Enjoy the distant scenery – villages, Tea gardens and farmlands right in front of you on the plains. @22km you will reach the Thummanatti – with a 50-100 mt, uphill climb. Treat yourselves very well, that’s a full supply aid-station.

From 22 till about 28k is an, and this section can be deceiving. Sun will be up and harsh. Not many trees are there, and you will come across another aid station at the 25h km. The next one will be at the 28k… from there its about 1.5 k to finish. Apply the walk and run strategy.

The 30k category is slightly short of 30k – something you must cheer about.

Enjoy the sumptuous breakfast after your run… the 60k guys will any way backtrace the route (like how they came up till 30k) till the Thummanatti temple and go towards Iduhatti


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