I have just returned back from Eric Ortons running camp (Galibore nature’s reserve) and I should say the last 3 days was filled with a lots of learnings, conceptual reinforcements and strengthening of my belief system towards the science behind human anatomy, running, nutrition and biomechanics.

At the to of the hill, after a short hike… the learning never stopped

There were 15 Ultra runners some of them were also coaches, were chosen for this program by Malnad Ultra (part of their beyond 42 goal and promoting trail running in India), amongst 85+ applicants and it was an immense pleasure to understand many other breads of Ultra runners, their aspirations and their beliefs.

Sunset at Galibore

Being a coach and a runner I doubly benefited from the Born to Run Coach and the author of the Cool Impossible. Eric with his passionate coaching style brings in wisdom and multiple years of experience of producing world class ultramarathon runners.

His strengths are remarkable by the way he has built himself over the past several decades. Eric is truly an amazing person, athlete and a coach I was gifted to meet and interact with during this brief time.

I have made several other runners and coaches and also we, collectively had a lots of fun training together, laughing, running, a bit of swimming in the river Cauvery and hiking a small hill nearby. Of course while returning back we sang songs and produced some silly music too.

We hopped on to a open Jeep after the bus that we were traveling couldn’t move through the terrain. The joy of zipping through the dry forest instantly gave us bright smiles and a moment to scream like children.

We were surrounded by wildlife and immersed in the constant bird tweets and animal noises. It was certainly a unique and a memorable experience.

More updates awaited…


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