All runners need constant reminders and tons of motivation to give their best at practice and play because its easier to relax and fall back, even when you love what you do! The #NomadicNilgirians were inspired by Coach Kay’s camp on the basics of running and sports conditioning.

A 2-times Comrades Finisher, ACE-certified trainer, ultramarathoner, hands-on coach, and #ultraanything man, Kay is one of those coaches who has been there and done that!

He could relate each question from the team to experiences from his own running journey and give us the “real” solutions. The workshop was an eye-opener in many ways.

His basic assessments on individual standing/sitting postures and running form provided self-awareness on the strength and limitations of our physical abilities.

His advice on nutrition, race planning, setting right expectations and glimpses of his real-life experiences starting as a recreation runner and graduating to ultra everything and ultra anything has helped us build more confidence. The key takeaway is the modifications he suggested to our current training plans to meet the demands of the most challenging routes of Ootyultra.

As always, the #NomadicNilgirians had a fun-filled day, running, stretching, chewing (one of the activities included eating a 2-inch piece of carrot by chewing it carrot 40 times! Yes!) and laughing till the stomach muscles couldn’t take in anymore!

FYI, laughing has been part of our cool down routine forever!


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