Be #ULTRAanything is a one day motivational, interactive & a practical workshop. Best suited for energetic small groups, projects & agile teams

  • 8 powerful concepts derived from the corporate world & personal experiences with the world of health, fitness & endurance running
  • Focuses on self-development, personality & healthy lifestyle transformation
  • Improves interpersonal and team building skills & appreciation for accepting people with varied personalities
  • Motivates to go beyond the comfort zone and cross boundaries

Workshop details & recommendations

  • 8 hr. workshop session
  • 14 min to 30 max. participants recommended
  • Workshop venue must be a favourable & relaxing learning atmosphere (outside office) in a casual setup.  Ex. Resort with large conference & outdoor space for activities
  • Round table seating, soft floor space for the practical workshop demonstrations, audio system, a projector with HDMI cable

Become #ULTRAprojectmanager is a variant of this program specifically designed for project leads, project managers & delivery leadership team

Write to coachkay@kfita.in or send a message to us to know the pricing details.

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