One of the most amazing things about endurance sports is the way it challenges us often and also demands us to be more organised. It helps us in breaking a complex goal into bits and pieces to effectively manage them well. The very purpose of running a marathon channelises all our energy resources in a direction that will take us towards our goals, over time, even in our personal or professional life. I’ve seen the maturity of a person increases day by day which is just like the attitude and capability of a runner over multiple years.

When someone who is not into sports, is already focused or talented, indulging in a sport (solo endurance types or team types) can only multiply the talent and helps him/her in becoming a better person. Teaching these ideas to the younger generation is not so easy since they still haven’t seen the harsher side of their life to appreciate them. The children can’t comprehend what a mid-life crisis is all about. However, the elders in the family have the opportunity to recognise this quickly and implement specific actions to inspire our children or the younger generations. The most amazing thing that is happening already is that there are many recreational athletes, many of you in this Academy, in their 40s and 50s, are already doing this.

I decided to write this note today because the youngest in our Academy, who has fallen love with endurance running recently, has achieved something huge today in his personal life.

Please join me in congratulating Varun Avg who is now a Certified Charted accountant.

We all know that completing a CA program is considered to be a difficult task and takes multiple years and sleepless nights of preparation. Many fail in their pursuit and give up too. By completing CA, you have just crossed the finish line of one of the monstrous ultramarathons in the financial industry. You have also just demonstrated that you are a perfect endurance man.

May this achievement be just the beginning Varun. I wish you all the best for a better and a brighter future on behalf of all of us in the Academy. While you may settle down with this celebration mood quickly, you have an increased responsibility to find your dream job.I want to warn you about something.

The dream job and your added professional and personal responsibilities have the potential to damage your fitness and health ambitions. As I always say, be selfish towards your health and fitness goals and put them on the top of the list. You will continue to be successful; you will continue conquering many more ultramarathons like this if you could achieve this.

You have inspired me today, and I’m very confident others reading this share a similar feeling too#coachkay


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