No human being is exempted from facing emergencies. If not for others at least for the sake of our own near and dear ones, we need to be aware of handling emergencies.

Do you agree with me that the cause of saving lives is extremely relevant to all of us individually and for the community at large?

My association with First-Aid & CPR travels back 2 years in time when I had my first opportunity to save an accident victim lying unattended on the road just a day after me learning the importance of saving lives. This followed by my road running campaign #424242running for spreading awareness on “Be Safe! Be there to Save!” message.

These things couldn’t have happened without my knowledge on performing First-Aid and learning more about the associated situational leadership skills. The journey has been wonderful so far and I’m a much more confident human being to go and jump into action whenever someone is in distress. I also actively work towards getting more and more people trained on learning these skills. Interestingly, my association with ALERT has been deepening day by day.

I am very happy to support the team at ALERT (www.alert.ngo) who have done and continue to do phenomenal work to better our emergency Response ecosystem. I am excited to be an Alert VoICE Ambassador and be a Good Samaritan! (VoICE = Volunteer In Case of Emergency)

Join me in the cause of Saving lives. There are exciting avenues for all of us to be involved in creating a safe and responsive community.

Follow my posts to learn how you can be part of this journey and also save lives.

Be Safe! Be there to Save! & Connect with me today,

  • to learn about how you can become a VoICE.
  • to learn more about how your organization can have more responsible first-responders

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Sahaya LRTS


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