The insightful report that I read today on how students background affects the performance made me think about my own life.

“Wealthy families do not worry about food, or transportation, or whether walking to school involves crossing a gang boundary.

If you haven’t lived in poverty, it is hard to imagine it. They have shelter, and health care when they need it. If a crisis hits, they have savings to fall back on – or at least access to credit on reasonable terms.”

Source: https://ed100.org/lessons/poverty

Another opposite view on how the children of affluent people get trapped in the world of entitlement.

“Want to know what keeps the owners of the most successful family businesses up at night? The dread that their kids will grow up to be entitled.”

Source: HBR –> https://hbr.org/2014/02/keep-your-kids-out-of-the-entitlement-trap

I wasn’t poor

But, I’ve studied with them, shared food with them, played tag and grew up with them. Many that I knew failed because they never had the right opportunity or money.  Few never rose up in their life because they were trapped on the wrong side of the streets.  Few certainly succeeded through hard work and willpower.

I have never seen poverty in my life or prepared for exams studying under the street lights.  I always had a shelter with the comfort of loving & caring parents. I always had access to clean clothes, safe home and toilets free from mosquito infestation.  My parents & other elders demonstrated great values in life, I believe I’m working hard to share with my children.

I wasn’t wealthy either

I have never felt entitled and every single rupee came in and spent were accounted for in my family.  I always got new clothes on the occasion of Diwali and enjoyed the once-a-month sweets brought by my Dad from on his salary day.

All that I knew was hard work, sincerity, respecting others, respecting my body with its organs intact and working and appreciating the one life given to me.

Luck had never excited me.  I never wanted to have a mind that would encourage complacency.

Hard work is something who I buddied with, sincerity &  giving the 100% was something that my parents had gifted me.  Every single cell of mine left their signature in all the tasks that I carried out.  I continued to engage with more vigor if I liked them or instantly disengaged if they brought an incomplete feeling in me.

I consider myself a fool if I don’t learn from my experiences or from the wisdom shared by the wiser ones next to me.

I’m neither poor nor that entitled.  

I pledge I will never become poor during my lifespan and work hard not to feel entitled


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