My Comrades the distance I covered alone but the journey I traveled with my Coach!

2 weeks ago today almost all you were with me tracking, cheering, wishing for me to get through my first Comrades and cannot thank you enough for all the support.

One man who stood by me through this journey needs a special mention. For someone like me who had not even done a Full Marathon before registering for Comrades, completing it was always going to be a risk. It was rather a bigger challenge for Kay to manage this special case with a lofty goal.

Once we got started all I had to do was just follow the plan which was broken into multiple smaller goals. It consisted of all the elements right from running, strengthening, rest, pace variations etc. It was meticulously done to ensure I was challenged enough while keeping in mind I stayed injury free. Training under Kay was personalised and I say this because while Balaji and I were training for a similar distance however both our plans were different which is the best part of being under Kay.. one size does not fit all.

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He was there every time I needed him. When a planned event “Koli Hills” was cancelled he sounded more concerned than I was and I was touched to see Kay along with his son Adithya come all the way from Bangalore to Yercaud to support 4 runners do our training run (2 of whom are not even training under Kay). I am sure you can imagine the amount of effort it takes right from planning the route in the hills to our safety but he was there to do it all. All this at the time when he was highly engaged in preparation of the first Ooty Ultra which he organised. I don’t want to miss thanking Gayathri Balaji also for her immense contribution to make this self supported run happen.

His passion for his job as a coach and his trainees to do well is unmatched. I cannot forget when I picked up an injury, in matter of no time he provided some advice himself and consulted his physio, asked me to do a video call, spoke to an Orthopaedic to ensure I was undergoing the right line of treatment. At this crucial stage if anything would have gone wrong then it meant me bidding good bye to my dream! 

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Just before I left for South Africa he hosted me and my wife for dinner at his place and thanks to Meera for a perfect meal and the time that Kay spent with me left me with incredible amount of energy and confidence.

Thank you Kay for being a part of this journey, believing in me and helping me achieve my dream!

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