This video is best suited for 10k runners planning their race are wondering what to do during the crucial 48 hrs before the run.

Coach Kay
  • Are you just 2 days away from your 10k race?
  • Have you just completed your 10k?
  • Why are the next 48 hours crucial?
  • I’ve recently completed a 10k and wanted to know if I did everything right
  • Are you planning for a 10k in the future?

If you have answered Yesto the above questions, then move on. This video may be just perfect for you. Skip to 1:30 if you want to jump to The Next 48 hrs content quickly.

The Next 48 hrs was a session presented at the TCS 10k run expo on
20-May-2017 by Coach Kay

Tips – summary,

  • Achieve something cool
  • To prime the body – Feel fresh & strong
  • Stay energetic & motivated
  • Relax and recover post-race
  • Not to do anything stupid


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