The growing number of runners and running events are probably the most beautiful thing to occur in Indian cities.  Indians are becoming more health conscious and taking up this beautiful sport to rediscover their hidden potential irrespective of the age, sex, and cultural backgrounds.  This trend is highly beneficial for the city dwellers who are leading a sedentary lifestyle, eating fast food, living a fast & stressful life, in a busy business and working community.

Running is another fabulous sport where each one of us can venture out with simple attire and a pair of running shoes and the world to explore. We make new friends, strengthen relationships, create new wonders ultimately investing time for a very strong foundation to a disease free healthy future.

There are several reasons why running events are organized by many.  Quite a few are friendly in nature, organized for the spirit and joy of running. Many others are purely commercial in nature with an intention to make money through sponsorship and by charging huge registration fees. Some could be for social causes and generate awareness.   There could be few with confused objectives, falling somewhere in between or nowhere.

Unfortunately, even the running events organized for a cause or to develop awareness are marketed to attract participants with discount vouchers, free T-Shirts, finisher medals & post run breakfast.

Whatever may be the reasons, such events provide an opportunity to stay united, to connect with people from different parts of life, bring out the entire city to streets on some occasions, create new jobs and more opportunities for many to have fun in different ways.

The expectations from these events grow with the money paid to participate. At the same time, there are no standards for expectations when everything is free and even when the quality is compromised.

It is very unfortunate to see that any debacles in paid running events instantly creates sparks and flames in the social media (healthy debates) and brings out the differences in our beliefs (to make things better).  The saddest part is when all these discussions turn toward individuals;  new groups are formed turning the healthy debate to personal attacks creating differences.

It is my wish: let such running events and our differences unite us, not divide us


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