It was on 16-Apr-2016, on the final week campaign run on road safety “Be Safe! Be there to Save!” by Sahaya LRTS

“What keeps you going?”

I asked my 15-year-old son (Aditya Kannan) after he ran about 29 km (on his way to complete a full marathon distance 42.2 km).

I am a true believer in the processes to take me to achieve what I aspire to as goals.  I strive to spend a lot of time in planning and a little time in execution.  I learned the very important aspect of always doing the self-talk to focus on one step at a time.  I very often, love testing my endurance limits.

During my tough days at work or all along with my long-distance endurance training runs on during any marathon event, I always struggled to find an answer to this question “What keeps me going?”

I’ve asked this question while running the Comrades Marathon, especially after crossing 60 km in 2015 up run and 2016 down run.

I’ve asked this question while attempting 42 consecutive weeks of running 42 km every week to spread awareness on road safety

I’ve been asking this question during my entire life whenever I’m moved.

I always wanted to ask this question to everyone who inspires me – who keeps going on and on and on….with extreme focus and determination on anything that they do.

Oddly, whenever I found answers they were never the convincing ones.

I’m still discovering the true answer to this (also) philosophical question.

“What keeps you going?”

The response my son gave during the campaign run was simply awesome.

He spontaneously shared his idea of what kept him going on that day.  I was so lucky to capture that moment.

Those words uttered by him were like the “words of wisdom” and reminded me to focus on my goals while calmly thinking about the finish line and the celebrations.

He said,

“The Goal”….after a brief pause he said, “The goal keeps me going”

“The celebrations…”…. “the end…”

“and the experience…”
“the memories…”
“…and what I’m going to take from today”
“..that”s it”

he felt proud of this achievement and everybody who was joining him on that day…

“let’s go…” is what he said… and after that, on that day, he kept on going till the finish and successfully completed his first 42.2 km.

On that day, he kept on going till the finish and successfully completed his first 42.2 km.

He has been a great source of inspiration, a great strength to my road safety campaign and also on various other aspects of my life.

It was certainly the proudest day for me and my wife Meera Kannan



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