Be Safe! Be there to Save (BSBT2S)

As on 16-Apr-2017 – the #424242running (42 kms running, 42 consecutive weeks, 42 places) covering a distance of ~1772 km, campaign had ended successfullySee more updates here…
Sahaya pledges to stand by its motto “Lets raise the spirits”. This is achieved by the selfless volunteers who engages in building awareness on safe & healthy ways of living and at the same time find several opportunities to raise the spirits of the deserving individual and families in need.


From July 2016, Sahaya will start a special campaign “Be Safe! Be there to save”. Through this campaign Sahaya, in partnership with ALERT – A Non-Government Organization, will build awareness to adults and youth (above 14 years) on the aspects of first-aid and lifesaving skills (Be Safe!). As it is said and believed, Safety begins at home and every family must be aware of the aspect of being safe, take preventive care in avoiding accidents and be educated about how to respond should it occur (Be there to Save!); be it at home, in the road, at school or at the workplace. 


Each day, India loses several precious lives due to accidents at home, workplace or in the roads. Most victims die due to the lack of basic first-aid, not reaching the emergency rooms on time and inability of paramedics and ambulances to reach the accident spots within the golden hour.  It is obvious to find the following,

  • deep hesitation in the minds of people who witness the accidents to be the first and instant responders to help the victim.  
  • lack of awareness on how to respond to such situations 
  • lack of knowledge on what to do as first-aid to stabilize and save the victim.  
  • poor or incomplete understanding and interpretation of the laws protecting the good Samaritans 
  • lack of knowledge on citizens responsibilities and rights while responding to an emergency 

It is also sad to note that our educational systems do not have a serious focus on first-aid and safety.  Sahaya finds these reasons as opportunities and hence the birth of the “Be Safe! Be there to Save!” campaign.How this will be achieved?
To begin with, Sahaya will make an attempt to partner with experts in this field and provide first-aid and CPR training to various communities.  Sahaya volunteers (also runners) will also participate in road campaigns, running and regular marathon events across various cities to spread the message.

The first-aid and CPR training’s will be provided by skilled experts from ALERT regularly.  Sahaya’s objective is to provide best learning experience at an affordable cost and promote the importance of this life saving skill.  Sahaya will also provide free training for those who deserve (ex. society workers including plumbers, electricians, construction workers, drivers etc.,) who can’t afford to get this training on their own through the funds raised with the help of Sahaya volunteers.  (see training calendar here.. – plan work in progress)
42-42-42 running
From first week of July, Sahaya volunteers will be on the roads and 42-weeks-42-marathon distances-42 kms in various Indian cities.    The objective is to spread the “Be Safe, Be there to Save” message across residential communities, at marathon events, on the road, in organizations and workplaces.  See the schedule here…plan work in progress)

Sahaya believes that any mission of this scale can’t be achieved without the right partnership and the wishes and support from its volunteers and friends. 

ALERT, Chennai has agreed to be part of this campaign and be the technical partner for providing the first-aid and CPR training. 

Dr Gladson from Attitude Prime, Bangalore will support the running campaign.

“In India, we lose 17 lives a minute to emergencies. Over 95000 get killed in road traffic accidents. About 4280 people per lakh succumb to sudden cardiac arrests. Doctors say that 75% of them could have been saved if only immediate first response was provided. The need for campaigns such as “Be Safe! Be there to Save!” and “42-42-42 running” cannot be more emphasized than the current times we live in and the numbers speak for the need of the hour. “42-42-42 running” is a great initiative by Kannan Sundararajan and ALERT is extremely happy to be able to partner in this campaign.” – Message from Ms. Kala Balasundaram, Founder Trustee, ALERT
What can YOU do?Sahaya is looking for volunteers who can help in coordinating the “42-42-42 running” in large apartment complexes (>500 residents and there is at least 2 kms safe running route) 
coordinate campaigns withing running groups with >30 runners with the participation from their friends and family members.


  • you can join the rest of the Sahayans to be part of this difference attend first-aid & CPR training
  • add your name to the blood donors list
  • make financial contributions for the campaign
  • if you are a runner (short distance or long – it really doesn’t matter how long you can run), you can be part of the 42-42-42 running and promote the important safety awareness message
  • finally, pledge to Be Safe! Be there to Save!

Click here to join the Sahaya! Lets together raise the spirits!

Send email to letsraisethespirits@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions. 

About Sahaya
Sahaya is a voluntary & non-profit organization (yet to be registered) established by Kannan Sundararajan with great support and encouragements from his colleagues in Siemens Industry Software, Bangalore on 8-Nov-2012. 


About Kannan Sundararajan

Kannan works as a Delivery Manager in Siemens Industry Software, in Bangalore (LinkedIn).  Together with his wife Meera and two children, Kannan always wanted to fulfill his family’s deepest desires to give something back to society.  Recently, Kannan and his wife were the first respondents to a road accident and were fortunate to save the victim (read the complete story here…). They were blessed to see the victim walking away alive on that day.

About 42-42-42 running

Kannan has turned 42 years in 2016 and is passionate about running, safe and healthy living topics.  He has run several marathons in India and international venues (more here…) and also is a back-to-back Comrades Marathon finisher.  Kannan is excited to combine his passion for running and at the same time build awareness through “Be Safe, Be there to Save!”.  He along with his Sahaya friends, will run 42consecutive weekends 42marathon distances covering 42kms during each run.  He strongly believes that through his friends, network of professionals and the large running community he is connected with (considers as his assets), he can bring in a positive transformation to the society.

ALERT is a not-for-profit organization that spreads awareness about wellness in the society. As a significant step towards wellness, ALERT has undertaken Golden Hour Care and Emergency Response management as its core project. Through this project ALERT trains various sections of the society in emergency response. Our aim is to ensure that at least one member in each family is trained in emergency care as is the goal set for ALERT by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. We have, to date, reached out to over 40000 people and this includes people from varied walks of life, including schools, industries, welfare organizations, auto drivers, security staffs, police, corporates etc. ALERT launched India’s first simulation lab for emergency response management for the benefit of a common man. While working on one end to generate skilled first responders out of common people, ALERT works along with the various stakeholders such as legal, enforcement, emergency management systems (EMS), education, insurance and the Government to build a better emergency care eco system. ALERT has recently set up a base at Bangalore to reach out the programmes to the people of Bangalore and believes that this campaign will help ALERT go a long way in reaching out to various sections of the society in and around Bangalore.
To take a look at ALERT’s journey so far (also visit their webpage)

About the forces behind Sahaya

Sahaya’s mission can’t be achieved without great support from my friends and families.  I’m extremely glad and happy to partner and work with many like minded people and deeply indebted to their enthusiasm and support provided by them.

  • Ms. Kala Balasundaram, founder trustee and president & Mr. Rajesh R. Trivedi, Managing Trustee of ALERT – it was a happy coincidence for me to come across them who are already creating a big difference in the society through their passionate initiatives
  • Jagadish D from Manager Operations & Training from ALERT – I never imagined that his instant reaction to my post regarding the road accident in Facebook would bring so many like minded people closer in my life.  Looking for a great partnership with him and his training team.
  • Dr. GladsonAttitude Prime for his enthusiasm to be part of the 42-42-42 running campaign and accepting the partnership with ALERT for the Trort marathon event
  • Ms. Hema Sridhar – my first-aid CPR training partner, for her quest to find a solution, when we shared each other anguish to do something about road safety
  • Balaji S – a good friend, great writer and a runner, already excited to be part of this
  • Mr. Srikrishna, my brother (AnnaBond) to encourage me in all parts of my life.
  • Suhail, Balu, Venkat, Arshiya, Nataraj, Sid, Archana, Jamuna, Prem, Navadeep, Moin, Tiru and Babu – contributors for the Genesis of Sahaya – first Sahaya initiative
  • Ms. Meera Kannan, my wife and our two children for their strongest enthusiasm and support
  • Friends and well wishers

Kannan Sundararajan


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