Why do people recommend Coach Kay?

With 26+ years of corporate leadership and team building experience, Coach Kay brings in deep passion for coaching & developing people, managing and directing sports events & ultramarathons, knowledge on health, fitness and nutrition and ultramarathon running. You will be with a hands-on coach and a friendly person who provides a lot of personal attention and care towards your positive behavioral changes and bringing in a structured approach to your training. Coach Kay is PMI certified project manager, Agile Scrum master and a six sigma business excellence black belt holder, with expertise in program and project management. He brings in the best organizational skills in making your sporting events a successful one while providing value for all the stakeholders.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Proven track record for helping clients through ACE IFT Model, special exercise programming, injury prevention, Resistance and Cardiorespiratory training.

Ultramarathoner, B2B Comrades finisher, 100-miler

Hands on coach with rich experience in coaching and mentoring for several years and, Someone who enjoys running a near 100 min half marathon and a sub-4 marathon and running across mountains and deserts

Personalised coaching

Brings in the passion and care help you discover the best athlete inside you. He is the best person to fix your mood swings and getting the motivational tips.

Trainingpeaks integrated coaching

With the TP integrated coaching it allows you to quantify your workouts based on relative intensity, duration, and frequency of workouts.

Race Direction

Brings in best organizational and management skills to make your events a grand success.

KaysFIT Academy is founded/mentored by Coach Kay

What our clients say

The academy has absolute beginners to serious recreational ultramarathon runners. Children and young adults are part of the junior club and enjoy regular play centric fitness and badminton sessions.
Balaji Thulasiraman

Balaji Thulasiraman

Ultramarathon runner

"Kay is not only a coach for me but he is an elder brother taking good care of me. I learned a lot from him"

Vishal Jain

Vishal Jain

Lost 108 to 80 kgs through running

I’m going to promise to myself to stay on top of my health and fitness goals and will not fall back to the state which I don’t want to be in.

Susheyl Balabaskaran

Susheyl Balabaskaran


'Landing at Kaysfit academy proved to be my watershed moment in many ways. Giving me a holistic approach to fitness, diet and disciplined training, my running has significantly improved over the last 9 months"